Lloret Outdoor Summer Festival

Every summer, take advantage of the variety of activities provided by the Lloret Outdoor Summer Festival, an open-air festival with free shows.

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Clon Festival

Every year Lloret de Mar hosts the quintessential summer music festival, the Clon Festival!

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Fair of the Americans

Lloret de Mar has inherited an important historical, cultural and social legacy following the Indians. The Indians Fair wants to take a trip to the past, these days, to remember that time, and its people.

If you come to the American Fair you will take a trip to the past with demonstrations of crafts, theatrical animations, craft markets, overseas product exhibits, guided tours to teach the Indians heritage of art, concerts, rum tastings and daiquiris workshops.

Medieval Fair

During the Medieval Fair Lloret returns to medieval times and its historic center is filled with cabins, artisans and merchants with a medieval atmosphere full of circus, magic and music shows.

If you come to Lloret in November, sign up for the Medieval Fair that kicks off the Festa Major de Sant Romà and get to know the oldest history of Lloret.


Once a year, Lloret de Mar dresses in a thousand colors, fun and fun: the Carnival reaches its maximum splendor. If you like parades, costumes, parties and music, you will find everything at the Lloret Carnival.

On Friday night, His Majesty Carnival arrives and takes over the command post of the town. Once the fun has taken hold of Lloret, we will celebrate the start of the Carnival festivities with a good sausage with beans and wine.

And to see the best costumes in the area, do not miss the Rues de Carnaval de Lloret that are done along the seafront!

Throw in Art

For many years, art, a drag, has been one of the ways that Lloret’s people have a living.

On the first Sunday of February and the first of December, in order not to lose a way of life of ours and to pay homage to all those who are sailors, we meet at sunrise in Trajo d’En Reyné to shoot art with anyone who wants it.

You have to keep in mind that for many years, art was one of the few ways that Lloret’s people had a living. The art, trailed as a drag, was thrown from the beach, everyone who wanted it could take part. In return, they received a handful of fish and a few pesetas (when they touched), which was surely one of the strongest livelihoods of those times. Not to lose a way of life very much ours, and to pay tribute of remembrance and thanks to all those people, seafarers and those who were not so.

On the first Sunday of February and the first of December you have the opportunity to see and participate in this event and if you are lucky with the fishing, enjoy a good breakfast!

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