Early Lloret

Early Lloret

Lloret de Mar has 3 Iberian settlements: Montbarbat, Puig de Castellet and Turó Rodó. The Puig de Castellet settlement (650 m2) is situated 2 kilometres away from Lloret de Mar town centre in a strategic spot with an excellent vantage point overlooking the area stretching from the Tordera estuary to the Lloret coast. Lloret also has a mediaeval legacy. "

Can Saragossa, Museu Arqueologia, Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

Can Saragossa - Archaeology Museum

The history of Can Saragossa farmhouse follows the rhythm of the history of the town of Lloret. It was originally one of the oldest farmhouses in the town. The modernista refurbishment of the 19th century turned it into a luxury summer home until it was changed into a hotel in 1954

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Turó Rodó de Lloret de Mar. Costa Brava

Turó Rodó settlement

The Turó Rodó settlement is one of the three settlements located in the municipality of Lloret de Mar; specifically, it’s the one closest to the town centre. This small Iberian settlement is situated on a 40-metre-high promontory located just behind the iconic D'en Plaja Castle.

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Jaciment Íber, Puig de Castellet, Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

Puig de Castellet

Puig de Castellet, which dates back to the 3rd century BC, is 2 km from Lloret de Mar in an area with strategic visual dominance over the mouth of the River Tordera as far as the coast of  Lloret. It is a small site of 65 m2 consisting of some 6 homes.

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Jacimet Íber, Montbarbat, Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava


This settlement is the furthest away from the town and promises to be the most important, especially from an urban planning standpoint. It is the largest settlement in Lloret, covering 5,700 m2. It is surrounded by defensive walls and towers

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