Enjoy & Respect

Enjoy & Respect is a campaign aimed at informing visitors of Lloret’s many attractions while at the same time raising their awareness and calling on them to fully respect the town and its people.

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Recommendations for enjoying Lloret

  • Do not take valuables to the beach. Use the safe-deposit boxes.
  • Keep your luggage in sight at all times and do not leave valuables in the car or on the beach.
  • Protect yourself from the sun, especially during midday hours.
  • Do not buy goods from street sellers; they offer no guarantees.

Useful information

  • The penalty imposed on those who accept their responsibility for the infringement will be reduced to the minimum amount listed in the municipal regulations.
  • Any non-residents who are reported must show identification and state where they are staying in the town.
  • Those who fail to show identification may be required to report to the police station.
  • Failure to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers will lead to criminal charges of disobedience.
  • Street selling is illegal; do not contribute to it.

Enjoy & Respect

RESPECT - Penalties

Respect the beach; it belongs to everybody

  • Entering the water when the red flag is flying is prohibited.
  • Annoying other beach users with games or music on the sand or in the water is prohibited.
  • Taking glass packaging or containers onto the beach is prohibited.
  • Throwing away or leaving objects on the beach is prohibited.

Up to 750 €

Only consume alcohol where permitted

  • Consuming alcoholic drinks and drugs in public places is prohibited.
  • Bringing alcoholic drinks out of establishments onto the street is prohibited.
  • Carrying out or taking part in pubtours or discotours is prohibited.

Up to 1.500 €

You must be 18 years old or over to consume alcohol

  • Drinking alcohol if you are under 18 years old is prohibited.
  • Disregarding the health of minors is prohibited. Purchasing or procuring alcohol for minors is prohibited.

Up to 3.000 €

Sleep in official accommodation

  • Sleeping in the car is prohibited.

Up to 750 €

Swimming costumes are for the beach; you must be fully dressed in the street

  • Wearing a swimming costume in the town centre or in streets other than those next to the beach is prohibited.

Up to 750 €

Respect public places

  • Urinating, defecating or spitting in public places is prohibited.

Up to 1.500 €

Respect the peace and quiet of residents

  • Shouting, singing or causing disturbances in the street and around accommodation is prohibited.
  • Using megaphones in the street and around accommodation is prohibited.

Up to 1.500 €

Respect the area

  • Damaging urban furniture is prohibited.
  • Dirtying buildings and facilities is prohibited.

Up to 3.000 €

Do not engage in sexual relations in public places

  • Prostitution is prohibited. Offering and accepting paid sexual services in public places is prohibited.

Up to 3.000 €

Respect others

  • Bothering other users of the public highway through antisocial behaviour is prohibited.
  • Endangering one's life or that of others is prohibited.

Up to 3.000 €

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